CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Friends Foundation | Family’s Lives Changed by Your Support
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Family’s Lives Changed by Your Support

Doreen Wells’ granddaughter is a student at Incarnate Word High School, the host of April Fricke’s annual Cycling the Sisters’ Trail fundraiser and homecoming celebration. To support the school’s 2015 breast cancer awareness event, Doreen and her daughter, Dani Mizell, signed up to receive mammograms via the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Mobile Mammography Unit (MMU), which was on-site at the event that day.

“My mom and I are both healthy and take good care of our bodies, so neither of us expected to receive abnormal mammogram results,” Dani said. “A couple weeks after our screenings, we both received abnormal results and required further testing. I was terrified.”

After a diagnostic follow up, Dani’s results were clear, but Doreen was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I always focus on taking care of my children and grandchildren,”Doreen said. “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it came as a shock, but it reminded me that I need to focus more on my own health and well-being,”
Because Doreen’s cancer was detected early through the MMU, the cancer was surgically removed in December 2015. She is now happy, healthy, and cancer-free.

“The service I received on the MMU was wonderful and so appreciated –  I recommend the MMU all the time,” Doreen said,”It saved my life!”